GM’s Investment in Flint Assembly: Boosting Production of Heavy Duty Pickups

General Motors (GM) has revealed that it would be making a substantial investment of one billion dollars in two of its plants that are located in the city of Flint. This investment is being made with the intention of making it easier for General Motors to manufacture the next generation of its gasoline-powered heavy-duty pickup trucks. The money will be given to Flint Assembly and Flint Metal Center; however, the carmaker has not released any precise specifics regarding the impending heavy-duty trucks or their release schedules. The monies will be distributed to Flint Assembly and Flint Metal Center.


The fact that General Motors has chosen to invest in Flint is evidence that the firm is committed to providing consumers with an extensive selection of vehicles powered by internal combustion engines in the years to come. It is important to note that General Motors has committed to aggressive targets in order to complete the transition to fully electric vehicles by the year 2030. Nevertheless, this latest investment highlights the continuing significance of cars powered by conventional internal combustion engines in order to fulfill the requirements of customers.

Gerald Johnson, the executive vice president of Global Manufacturing and Sustainability for GM, took the time to thank both the loyal truck customers and the hard-working staff at Flint Assembly and Flint Metal Center. Johnson specifically mentioned how much he appreciated the customers’ commitment to GM. This investment is a demonstration of GM’s commitment to producing vehicles of the highest possible quality while simultaneously valuing the contributions of its people to the company.

GM’s investment in Flint is an indication that the company is focused on innovation and producing high-performance cars to suit the changing demands of its consumers. While particular specifics surrounding the next generation of heavy-duty trucks have not been announced, GM is committed to meeting those demands. GM’s investment in gasoline-powered heavy duty trucks reflects its determination to delivering a wide and comprehensive vehicle portfolio to cater to different consumer preferences as the automotive industry continues to adapt to changing market trends and embrace electric mobility. This is evidenced by the fact that the automotive industry is embracing electric mobility.

The investment made by General Motors in Flint not only helps the economy of the surrounding area, but it also helps the corporation improve its standing in the highly competitive market for pickup trucks. The commitment of one of the most successful manufacturers in the business, General Motors, to manufacturing quality and the complete fulfillment of its customers’ needs is unwavering. This investment in Flint Assembly and Flint Metal Center demonstrates General Motors’s vision for the future while simultaneously respecting the company’s past as a trusted manufacturer of powerful and dependable automobiles.

Flint Assembly is where General Motors’ heavy-duty Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks are constructed. According to the website for General Motors, the factory spans over 5.2 million square feet and employs slightly more than 5,000 workers. The Flint Metal Center is located on the same location as the Flint Engine and Transmission Plant. This facility employs 478 people and presses the sheet metal that is used in GM’s heavy-duty and light-duty trucks. David Barnas, a spokesman for GM, stated that the business anticipates that the present level of employment will be maintained as a result of this investment.

Among the specifics of the announcements made today are the following:

GM has committed $788 million to the expansion of the body shop and the general assembly conveyor as well as the purchase of new tools and equipment for the Flint Assembly.
In order to support manufacturing of the next generation of pickup trucks at the Flint Metal Center, General Motors is going to invest $233 million in new stamping dies, refurbishments, and equipment.

The number of heavy-duty Silverado trucks sold by GM in 2022 increased by 36% from the number sold in 2021 to 188,751. In a similar vein, as compared with 2021, sales of the Sierra heavy-duty truck increased by 40%, reaching 99,118 units in 2022.

“When business is booming as it has been for the past decade — due to the hard work of UAW members — the company should continue to invest in its workforce,” said Mike Booth, UAW vice president of GM departments. “When business is booming as it has been for the past decade,” he said, “the company should continue to invest in its workforce.”

Eric Welter, the Shop Chairman of UAW Local 598, was quoted as saying to the Free Press that the investment is the consequence of the hard effort put in by union members.

“This workforce is diligent in creating their own job security,” Welter stated. They are without a doubt the most skilled truck constructors in the whole globe.

Additionally located on the facility is the Flint Engine Operations department. There, General Motors has 700 employees working to produce the engine for the Chevrolet Malibu as well as diesel engines for the light duty trucks that General Motors makes. DMAX Ltd. in Moraine, Ohio is responsible for the production of the diesel engines that are installed in the heavy-duty trucks.

Gretchen Whitmer, the Governor of Michigan, was present at the event in which the investment was announced. She referred to it as “a game changer” and said that “GM is betting on the skilled, experienced union workers who call Michigan home, and showing that Michigan is the best place to pioneer the electrified, high-tech future of mobility.” To expand on the more than $16 billion in projects and more than 16,000 high-skill, good-paying jobs we have brought home thanks to bipartisan economic development tools, I suggested a plan called Make It In Michigan, which aims to win projects, invest in people, and revitalize communities. Make It In Michigan is an acronym for “Make It In Michigan: A Strategy to Win Projects, Invest in People, and Revitalize Communities.” I am looking forward to our ongoing collaboration with GM to make investments in employees in Michigan.

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